• Fishing is available from June to September (Tuesday-Saturday) from 12:00 to 19:00.
  • Kitchen offering fish dishes is open from June to August
  • 2.5 hectare bond is open for fishing from shore and from a boat.
  • Fish can be caught by spinning reel, fly hook and fishing pole
  • Fish species can be caught from the pond- pike, perch, carp, trout
  • Caught fish can be prepared on-site
  • You can rent or buy a fishpole or fishbait from us

Pricelist for fishing:
Fishing permit: 2.-
Fishpole rental: 1.-
Fishbait: 1.-
Boat: 1h/.-4 (up to 4 people)
Safety vest: 1.-/1 person
Logs for the grill: 4.-
Caught fish price for 1kg:
Trout: 1kg/ 12.-
Pike: 1kg/ 8.-
Carp: 1kg/ 7-
Perch: 1kg/ 7

Feel free to ask for more information!

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